Get ready for NYE

Hey babes! How do you feel when I say: Six days left till 2017!!! Can you believe it? 2017. 
I can't. It's crazy. It's crazy how time flies. 

Once upon a time

 Once upon a time there was a girl, who believed in the power and beauty of her dreams. She knew that gratitude and hard work was the key to her dreams. Gratitude is the key to everything. Feel love and gratitude for everyone and everything ever day. Believe in

PARIS - Through my phone

Bonsoir mes amis! Today’s post is about my weekend getaway to Paris last week. I went there with my family and we had such a great time together. We enjoyed every second to the fullest! It’s important to me to spend time with my family, so this little weekend trip was a really good idea :) 

Black & White

 Hello everyone! Today I'm wearing one of this seasons must have jackets, the shearling biker coat!
I have this one in beige, which I bought last year or maybe two years ago I can't remember right know.. but I thought a black one is always a good idea. 

Pleats & wide sleeves

Today's look is about wide sleeves, pleats and festive vibes!
This sweater is my new favorite one for the winter season. It has cute little bowknots on the sleeves, which looks so cute. Unfortunately you can't see them

Winter Boots

Hello my loves! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and did a little Black Friday shopping! I ordered some pieces online, because I had no time to go to the city and run like a wild beast from shop to shop, haha. 

red knit & velvet skirt

For me, the cooperation between my outfit and the location is very important when I take outfit photos for my blog. The moment I saw this beautiful location I just thought ok, I have to take here my photos! And tadaa here are the results. I think It matches my outfit and they


White Marble looks so good in the kitchen or in the bathroom. But who says it doesn't look good on your laptop or on the back of your phone?!  I love it and I'm happy to work with CASEAPP! You can create your personal laptop skin or phone case. The process is very easy: First of all you have to choose whether you want to design a phone case or a skin for

Blair Waldorf vibes

Yes I am one of these girls who watched Gossip Girl and yes I still watch it sometimes on Netflix. Although several years have passed since the final episode, I am still a fan of the series! :)  Chuck and Blair were my favourite couple and in general my two favorites in the series. I like Blairs feminine and classic style, so today's outfit is a little bit inspired by her!

Sunny sunday

Sunglasses play a really important role when I take outfit pictures. First of all they complete the outfit as an accessory and secondly they make it a little bit easy for you when you take pictures, because you don't have to care much about your facial expression :))

Pleated autumn

I bought this skirt a few years ago in Turkey and actually I've never worn it.
I don't know why, but I think just once in summer. I looove its color!
It reminds me of the beautiful autumn color palette. Therefore I thought it was the perfect


Sometimes a simple clean look is all you need! And when it comes to simplicity, a white blouse is essential. I think a simple white blouse never goes out of style and everyone should have one in the wardrobe, just like the little black dress! 

One day two shootings

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to shoot with LIA-Fashion, a brand that is actually known for modest fashion and hijabs. So now you’re probably asking yourself why I had a

Patches on Denim // Exoticjeans campaign @desigual

Hallo meine Lieben! In meinem heutigen Post geht es um die bunten Aufnäher der 90er Jahren, die ja nun schon eine Weile wieder im Trend sind und somit überall zu sehen sind.. sei es auf Hosen, Jacken oder Taschen! Ich persönlich

Moodboard #1 AUTUMN/WINTER

Da der Herbst nun offiziell in Deutschland eingetroffen ist, habe ich mich beschlossen eine Art Moodboard zu erstellen. Das Thema lautet 'Herbst/Winter',

cotton candy

500 days of summer, please

Im Sommer ist das Leben doch viel schöner und einfacher, also wäre es nicht toll, wenn wir durchgehend Sommer hätten in Deutschland? So 500 Tage

Travel Diary // Montenegro

Montenegro.. das Land, wo Meer und Berge aufeinandertreffen.

exploring Montenegro

I love to explore new places so we get ready and hit the road to explore new

Far Beach, Ulcinj

Hello from Montenegro! I've been here for a week now and just enjoy the time.
Most of the time we were on the beach and relax.

endless boho vibes

 endless boho vibes.. Für den heutigen Post wurde ich unter anderem von den Resort Kollektionen 2017 von Roberto Cavalli, Moschino und Missoni inspiriert.

The little white dress

Last year // GREECE

Smell the sea feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly
I need holidays. Immediately. Now.


Trend report: Pom Poms everywhere !

HERE                                                          HERE
HERE                                                                                  HERE

Pom Poms everywhere and i love it!!
Everyone who knows me can tell you that i love colorful


As you might know my last post was about 'The Slipdress'
So i got myself one of these dresses and i have to say 

Trend report: Slip Dress

 Then 90's

First of all, we've to make clear that fashion history often repeats itself.
And tadaaa the Slip dress from the 90s is back!


Black is always a good idea!
On todays post i wear a total black outfit with this goergoes bag.
Isn't she gorgeous? 

Denim & Mustard

Okay i have to admit i love this jacket. This color tho !
So i combined my beloved jacket which is definitely a eye-catcher 
with a denim skirt and sandals.


On todays post i want to show you guys 
my current favourite top!
This cute little off-shoulder top was made
by Sena and i absolutely love it.

Over the knee

 Yeah i know winter is over, and we should wear sneaker or sandals
 instead of boots when the sun is shining.
 But i wanted to combine these suede overknees 
 with the cute lacing detail, 
 which i absolutely love !

Festival vibes

The annual Coachella Festival in the californian desert is coming up!


Ripped jeans have their own place in fashion history.
Especially in the last two years they´ve become a must-have in every closet.
Yes fashion is a repetitive cycle , everything that has been popular once, 
comes back eventually. 

About 'SHE'

Another girl another blog you're thinking probably haha. 
Yes I did it too.
I'm just a girl studying economics, but secretly having a crush on fashion.