White Marble looks so good in the kitchen or in the bathroom. But who says it doesn't look good on your laptop or on the back of your phone?!  I love it and I'm happy to work with CASEAPP! You can create your personal laptop skin or phone case. The process is very easy: First of all you have to choose whether you want to design a phone case or a skin for
your laptop. After your choice, various different types of phone/ laptop models appear on the screen, pick your model and start your creation! :) Oh and before you start you have to choose whether you want to personalize  a predesign from the homepage or start with a blank background in the shape of your phone/laptop. 
When I looked through the predesigns I fell in love with the different marble designs right away! It was a hard decision but in the end I select this beautiful classic white marble design for my phone and my MacBook. I thought of adding my initials but finally I decided otherwise. If you want to design something more creative, then CASEAPP is really the best choice due to their big range of possibilities. So head over to and let your imagination run wild!

And don't forget to use my 20% Discount code 'SHEADORE20' 

xx Halime

In collaboration with CASEAPP

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