Get ready for NYE

Hey babes! How do you feel when I say: Six days left till 2017!!! Can you believe it? 2017. 
I can't. It's crazy. It's crazy how time flies. 

Once upon a time

 Once upon a time there was a girl, who believed in the power and beauty of her dreams. She knew that gratitude and hard work was the key to her dreams. Gratitude is the key to everything. Feel love and gratitude for everyone and everything ever day. Believe in

PARIS - Through my phone

Bonsoir mes amis! Today’s post is about my weekend getaway to Paris last week. I went there with my family and we had such a great time together. We enjoyed every second to the fullest! It’s important to me to spend time with my family, so this little weekend trip was a really good idea :) 

Black & White

 Hello everyone! Today I'm wearing one of this seasons must have jackets, the shearling biker coat!
I have this one in beige, which I bought last year or maybe two years ago I can't remember right know.. but I thought a black one is always a good idea. 

Pleats & wide sleeves

Today's look is about wide sleeves, pleats and festive vibes!
This sweater is my new favorite one for the winter season. It has cute little bowknots on the sleeves, which looks so cute. Unfortunately you can't see them